Fly to the Moon Kite Festival

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“Fly To The Moon Kite Festival”

On June 4 from 2-4pm  in conjunction with the Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum, St. Paul United Church of Christ will be hosting a Kite Festival on the grounds of the museum.


Bring your own kites if you have one. But know that there will be kites provided, to the 1st 96 people who arrive, if they do not have one. There will also be kites for sale inside the museum.   Water and light snacks will also be provided.


It will be exciting to see how many kites we can get in the sky at one time as we try to “Fly to the Moon”.  June 4th is also Pentecost Sunday, the day we celebrate the Holy Spirit blowing into each one of us.  As citizens of Wapakoneta, may we celebrate this gift by also seeking to fly to the moon and let others see the how the Spirit continues to blow among us to the moon and back.