In Our Prayers

We Support Our Church By Our Prayers

Members of St. Paul’s prayer chain are honored to pray for individual and family needs.  If you have a prayer request, please contact Hannah Kohler at home at (419) 738-4251 or email her or Jennifer Frische after hours at (419) 738-6703.  To have a name printed in the bulletin for prayers, please contact Cindy in the church office (419) 738-2215.  Names will appear for four weeks, and then will be removed unless otherwise notified.  The following people are in need of your prayers:

Chris Baightel
Family of Mary Bennett
Michele Bishop
Betty Brookhart
Denise Brown
Royce Bryan
Connie Claybaugh
Alicia Cummins
Corey Crawford
Greg Hengstler
Janice Hershberger
Chris Hibner
Ethan Hibner
Eric Imwalle
Craig Keifer
Laura Kinstle
Family of Carl Kogge

Kenda Kohler
Sharon Kohlrieser
Jade Miller
Shirley Place
Carol Presar
Doris Sunderland
Leann Rich
Terry Tangeman
Cathy Tester
Liz Thiedt
Kellan Walther
Tyson Walther
Janet Winkler
Dwayne Wright

Members and friends serving in the U.S. military:

Alex Bowersock
Jamie Clements
Matthew Cox
Amanda Preston Johnston
Haley Jean Kill
Scott Presar
Nathan Quellhorst
Johnathon Schlosser
Morgen Sindelar
Dave Sodders
Douglas Sodders
Jeff Sunday
Daniel Turnbow
Ian Wiedenbein
Jian Feng Zhao


















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