Living Endowment Committee

The Living Endowment Committee of St. Paul United Church of Christ consists of eight members of the congregation. Each member serves an eight year term in a rotation resulting in a new or existing member being nominated annually to serve and approved by Church Council. The Living Endowment Committee is charged with the responsibility by the Church Council to implement a plan that encourages planned giving to the existing church’s endowments in support of the ministerial priorities identified by the congregation.
The Living Endowment Fund supports Faith Formation initiatives including examples such as Church Camp Ministry, Ministerial and Religious Education of members of our congregation, and F.E.A.S.T. (Faith Education, Art and Spirituality Together).

Committee Members and term expiration*

2016 – Tom Schlenker
2017 – Janet Schuler (approved to take the unexpired term of Joyce Schuler)
2018 – Cindy Preston (approved to take the unexpired term of Bill Berg)
2019 – Rollie Wellington
2020 – Jim Hearn Sr.
2021 – Doris Hibner
2022 – Monte Berg
2023 – Brian Schlosser (approved to take the unexpired term of Bob Keller)

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