Resuming In-Person

“It might not happen right away, but trust me, during that time you’re waiting, God is preparing you for what’s about to happen.”…  Rodney Smith, Jr.

February 8, 2021

Dear St. Paul Friends:

The St. Paul Church Council met in a Zoom Meeting on Monday, February 8th and among its many agenda items, was a very thoughtful and thorough discussion of resuming in-person worship in our Sanctuary.  After acknowledging the improving health threat posed by the Covid virus, and after reviewing the recommendation of the Covid Response Team, it was decided to resume in-person worship services, beginning this Sunday, February 14, 2021.

Please note that we will still only have one unified service, which will be at 10:15 a.m. and it will still be live-streamed for those who are not comfortable with attending in-person worship.

The Covid Safe Protocols that were recommended by Covid Response Team and utilized by our Church this summer and early fall will be used again.  This means that face masks will be required, social distancing will practiced, contact tracing attendance forms will be completed, no singing by the congregation, and ushers will direct and dismiss worshippers as appropriate.  Please note that the continuation of these safe protocols, are strongly recommended by Drs. George and Parmie Herman, whose opinions are highly respected by your Church Council.

Please know that our Safe Protocols will be revisited in March and updated to hopefully reflect the continuing improving conditions of this health crisis.

Finally, we are deeply appreciative of our congregation’s patience in waiting for Council to determine when it was appropriate and safe for us to return to worship in our Sanctuary.  We pray you will find that what God has “prepared” for us while we were waiting to resume worship in-person is rewarding and fulfilling… and definitely worth the wait.



Mark Vaughn                                      Cindy Preston

Council President                                Council Vice-President & Covid Response Team Chair






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