Walking Prayer Suggestions

Dear St. Paul UCC Family and Friends,

As part of this week’s sermon, I encouraged all of you to consider praying a “walking prayer” through your homes, inviting God to bless each space. Below are some sample prayers you might consider offering in each of the spaces in your home as you walk and pray. Every home is different. You may have all or only some of these spaces in your home, or you may have other spaces that are not included in this list. Please feel free to modify or tailor these prayers to your own needs.

• Kitchen: Bless this kitchen and the work that is done here. Bless the food that is prepared here, those who prepare it, and all who will eat it, that bodies and spirits alike will be nourished. Amen.

• Dining Room: Bless this table, dear God, and all who gather around it. May it be filled with abundance and surrounded by happiness. Amen.

• Living Room (Formal): God bless all who gather in this space—family who visit us, or friends who stop by. Be in the midst of our conversations. Bless the relationships that are fostered here. Amen.

• Family Room: You are the God of the ordinary and the everyday. Bless all of the little moments that happen in this room in the course of our days. Bless our family as we spend time here, and help us to always be grateful for the time we share together. Amen.

• Home Office: Gracious God, bless this space and the tasks that are managed here. Help us to remember that you are here when we are reading, writing, paying bills, and doing other tasks, that we would know you care about every piece of our lives. Amen.

• Bedroom: God, we pray that you would watch over us in our sleeping and our waking. Bless this place of rest, that we might know we are ever under your watchful care, every hour of the day and night. Amen.

• Porch: Bless this space of coming and going, of sitting and resting or visiting with neighbors. May all who stand in this place know your love through the welcome they receive here. Amen.

• Yard/Garden: God bless this little glimpse of your wider creation. As we enjoy this space, whether alone, with family, or in the company of friends, help us always to feel your presence with us here in the softness of the breeze, in the joy of birdsong, and in the colors of your wonderful world. Amen.

Remember, dear friends, to make room for God in all the spaces of your lives. May you find blessing in the knowledge that God is with you in every part of your life!

Peace and blessings,

Pastor Becky